What would it feel like to know you’re moving forward every single day on your launch?

Join the Launch Walkthrough and you’ll get a complete, simple, and step-by-step guide to your next online launch delivered straight to your inbox.

When should I start telling people about my launch?

Does anyone know how long it takes to create a members area?

How much time should I spend figuring out my offer?

Can I launch next week?

I emailed my whole list and no one responded, what do I do now?

What should I launch first?

Do I have enough people on my list?

Should I have a Facebook group?

How many emails do I need to write and send out during my launch?

What should I do first?

Should I hire a full launch team?

Do I need an affiliate program?

How do I know people will sign up for my launch?

I’ve heard webinars work but are they mandatory for a successful launch?

Let’s face it. There’s a lot to get done on a launch.

And if you’re anything like me – you sometimes wish someone could tell you what to do next. Yup. It used to happen on every single launch. I know what I want to launch and who it’s for, but have had to cross many an idea off the list (that I really really wanted to do) because I run out of time, energy, resources or all of the above. That’s why I created the Launch Walkthrough to make sure you never have to worry about the “next” on your list.

I think you can learn to run your own launch.

Go through almost any process at least once with someone who knows the ropes…and you’ll be able to handle most of the heavy lifting the next time around. Launching becomes another business activity you learn and keep getting better at.

Once you’ve experienced a launch, you’ll be able to spend less figuring out what comes next on your launch to do list, and more ways of connecting with your audiencebuilding excitement for your launch, and implementing all the fun creative ideas that got your into this business in the first place!

In the Launch Walkthrough I’ll teach you a process to launch your programs, products, and services that will make your launches shine every single time.

And it’s the same process used on launches of all sizes…even ones that get you to 6 and 7 figures.

You have good great ideas.  You just need a new process. 

“It’s Official…I’ve launched!”

“Yay! Thanks to the expert advice of Anne Samoilov my new multi-media online programme Love Your Back launched today and is selling nicely. The programme teaches the best way to care for your back and improve posture, with help and support…I’ve done a “soft” launch to just my list so far, and plan to get feedback, make improvements then rebuild it and relaunch to a wider audience and with a live coaching element later in the year…Thanks so much Anne and other here for brilliant advice and guidance. It’s my first product, couldn’t have done it without ya! xx”

– Sarah Chatwin, sarahchatwin.com

Want to Launch? You Must Get These 3 Things Right.


Understanding how much time you’ve got is not only important, it’s crucial to know how to keep it moving…because you’ll know exactly what you must get done every single week.

Communication done right means people are responding to you. It means you building the right amount of excitement so people know something is coming and that it’s for them. The amount of response you’re getting is directly proportional to the number sales and sign ups you’ll get. Knowing how people are responding is your responsibility and something you’ll get better at over time.

Making decisions happens before, during, and after you’ve got a solid launch plan – deciding to NOT send that email, to send a second one, to remove something or completely change your offer, to change the sales page. Each day you move toward your launch, you’ll spend time on the decisions with the biggest impact.

By joining The Walkthough, you won’t just get told what to do, I’m going to help you understand how to do these things yourself:

Establish a Communication Path

Learn how, when, and what to say to speak to your potential customers in a way that’s natural for you and for them. This is perhaps the biggest and most important key to the whole process of launching.

Stay on Track

Not everyone is born with the project manager gene, but once you know “what to do”. I think you’ll discover the right amount of skill + intuition to do the job well.  You’ll learn what to do every single week leading up to your launch, so you never feel behind or lost in the process.  You’ll always know what to do next.

Learn to create your own launch process

Make taking your ideas to launch better + better every time. Launching can be a system that you perfect and personalize for your business over time. And once you get walked through one process, make your own decisions, see what works for your business, you’ll be able to take my process and create your own.

What You’ll Learn + Questions You’ll Get Answers To:

What should my launch goals be and how do they relate to my overall business goals?

What do I do at every stage of my launch — from the pre-launch through open cart?

Do I want to have an affiliate program? And how do I set it up?

How do I combine my list building efforts with my launch schedule?

How do I leak my launch to my list and attract new people to what I’m doing?

When do I telling people I’m launching something?

How do I make sure I don’t get a ton of unsubscribes during the launch?

Is there a secret to having a successful launch?

How do I set up my sales process?

Can I launch something free?

Where do I find the right promotional partners?

What do I do with my untrained team?

Get help with just one online launch + you’ll be ready to start improving your own launch system.

“I learned so many valuable tips on how to launch that instead of launching what I came into the class for help with, I actually launched TWO products very successfully!”

I was VERY afraid and didn’t even understand what it took to launch. All I knew was that it needed to happen, and I didn’t know how to make it successful. Anne has a very soothing and helpful manner about her and that made ALL the difference. Ok, AND she also gave me outlines that broke it down into easy actionable steps.

– Catherine Just, CatherineJust.com


“The first time I’ve ever “written out my brain” for my team so they can actually help me, be proactive, take ownership, instead of waiting for me to delegate..”

I am far far closer to sanity thanks to having a roadmap + mentorship from Anne at those critical stages. I have probably a 12 document “Launch File” that I’ve shared with my team of about 8 people. That’s gold.

It’s the first time I’ve ever “written out my brain” for my team so they can actually help me, be proactive, take ownership, instead of waiting for me to delegate, then I don’t get busy, don’t delegate … having the accountability of FL to put the launch ON PAPER took me to a new level of being able to give my team ownership + literally just 48 hours later I feel like I can breathe + I’m watching things happen without my having to ask + it’s magical.

I had a roadmap. When my brain was totally oversaturated with my own thoughts, I had just one person, Anne, to help clear the clutter and make sure I wasn’t dropping the ball somewhere.

Hilary Rushford, deanstreetsociety.com

Hi, I’m Anne Samoilov, and I’m in the business of getting you to launch — your ideas, your next project, your next business, a blog, an event, perhaps even a physical product.

I’ve spent the last decade+ helping entrepreneurs, digital artists, authors, video game developers and healers launch their big ideas.

And guess what I discovered?

There may be some frameworks or blueprints, but there is no blueprint for what happens after you take something from an idea all the way to launch. There’s no telling what amazing business discoveries you will make.

And don’t get me started on that – you WILL discover something about your business.

Ok fine – get me started… you just might find:

A new way to make money in your business

A product that isn’t quite right for your customers

A service you no longer want to offer

A service or product YOU DO want to offer

A new system that would make running your business much easier

A new team member that would allow you to create a new revenue stream

A new audience that you’d never considered selling your services to

When you take an idea and launch it, then you not only gain confidence from the experience, but you gather invaluable intel you need to uncover the business you were meant to build and grow.

And that’s what I’m here to help you do…let’s get you launching, so you can start building the right business for you.

Here are a few of the online launches I’ve been lucky enough to work on:

Laura Roeder

“She knows launching digital products online better than just about anyone out there”

I worked with Anne as the “woman behind the curtain” of my 6 and 7 figure launches for 3 years. She knows launching digital products online better than just about anyone out there, and is brilliant at everything from high-level creative strategy down to teasing out all the little hidden details of a big launch. Anne also keeps her cool in times of chaos, which a launch certainly can be! She’s a calm voice helping guide you confidently through every step of your launch strategy.

– Laura Roeder, LKR Social Media

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